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Monday, July 29

Classy tape

I love the perks that come with working at a chiropractor's office. 
I've been getting adjustments all summer long and I love it. 
Another perk is our physical therapy program. 
Our primary physical therapist developed a really cool from of physical therapy that
is based on pressure points. Our office also does kinesio taping (remember this from the olympics?)
 That's what I'm sporting on my knees. I love it. I'd been having some stiff knee pains for a 
couple of weeks and I finally went over and got the physical therapists to treat me. 
I don't regret it one bit. 
Keep'n it classy. 
Kinesio tape style. 


Kaylie Marie said...

Girl! I nominated you for the Liebster! Time to get your confession hat on! :)

Ana Paula said...

You could wear a bracelet and necklace to match. ;)

I like your outfit. Very cute. :)


Ana Paula