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Friday, July 26

Uniform: ASWC

I've mentioned complained about my work uniform a couple of times here on the blog, 
so I figured it was time to show you what I actually was talking about!
I work at a chiropractor's office and we focus on promoting healthy lifestyles. 
Everyone wears a jacket or polo with the company logo and then yoga or sweat pants. 
Don't get me wrong, wearing yoga pants on a daily basis is great, but I definitely miss getting
to wear real clothes on a regular basis (it also makes being a fashion blogger slightly more difficult). 

Outfit details:
Jacket: work/ Old Navy
Shirt: long story...
Pants: Marshalls
Shoes: Nike


dara said...

have you lost weight? you look great, girl!

Ana Paula said...

Wearing uniforms stinks. Booh! But even then, you make it look cute. :)


Ana Paula