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Wednesday, October 30

Menswear in a lady-like manner

Being at home has influenced me to dress more casually. All I want to wear these days are baseball tees.This (thrifted) plaid shirt is kind of filling my casual cravings, but the couple of times I've tried to style it , it has felt too manly. This could be due to the fact that it is a mens shirt. (p.s. mens shirts button on the wrong side!!!!) I decided to try pairing it with my favorite girly combination: black tights and brown boots. It totally helped me feel casually lady-like. Which is just heavenly. 

Outfit details:
Shirt: Thrifted (ZooYork)
Skirt: DressBarn
Tights: Danskin (old dance tights)
Boots: Macy's
Belt: H&M

Fashionably Modest

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Monica H. said...

I generally feel like a lumberjack in plaid so i tend to stay away from it all together but i think the way you did it here is great! just the right touch of feminine. And I like the colors of your plaid shirt more than a lot of the women's plaid shirts.

Mel said...

Loving plaid. You look gorgeous girl!!!

xo mel

turquoise blonde

Rebekah said...

Thanks Monica! Plaid can be really hard! I was just trying to look feminine instead of manly haha!

Rachel G said...

Definitely a great way to make any outfit girly is to wear a skirt! I also sometimes have a hard time feeling like I look feminine in a button-up but I do love plaid!

Melissa Wright said...

Men's wear - love it! I love fashion today, wear what you want and wear it confidently and you're golden! It helps that this looks great on you :)!
Thanks for linking up with Fashionably Modest - love making new virtual friends through hops. Hope you'll link up again next week :)!