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Tuesday, November 19

Baby, it's cold outside

It snowed on Saturday.
Like, really snowed.
I can't say I was stoked about it.
I used to love the snow, but then I
moved to Idaho and found out that life isn't
cancelled when it snows. It was quite upsetting.

Anywho,  the hubs and I have been
fighting colds. I've had a constant headache for a
couple of days now and it's making me miss
the biggest perk of working at a chiropractor's 
office: free adjustments. 
Man, I miss those.

Outfit details:
White shirt: Down East (Similar)
Tank:  Ross (Similar)
Vest: Maurice's (Similar)
Skirt: Similar
Shoes: thrifted (Similar)


mark a. said...

for someone fighting a cold and disliking the snow, you look fabulous!

Rebekah said...

aww thanks!