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Thursday, December 19

Christmas lights

Decorations are, to me, what really makes Christmas feel real. 
The tree, the lights, the nativities, the garland. 
Growing up we had garland with little lights wrapped around 
the staircase. I remember sneaking down the staircase, in my 
new handmade Christmas gown, the twinkle lights
guiding my path and my little sister in tow, to take
a sneak peak at what Santa left for us. It was just magical.
When Jason and I decided to stay in Rexburg for 
Christmas, there was one thing I was going to miss,
the garland at my parents' house so, Jason got me some!
We wrapped it around the staircase and tied some burlap
 to it and now it feels just like Christmas should. 

What makes it feel like Christmas to you?

1 comment:

mark a. said...

i loved seeing these pics. i love the decorations and lights at christmastime! great post!