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Thursday, January 9


My mom got me a killer Christmas present this year! I've had a leather sleeved-shirt on my clothes bucket list for a couple of months. My mom took the cake by getting me this one, which is also a high-low shirt (another bucket list item). 

My favorite thing though, is that I told my friend Emily about this shirt and she was so excited for me. She literally said, "Haven't you wanted one for like three months now?" I love that she remember that I wanted a shirt. 

I loved pairing this with gold accessories for an edgier feel. The shirt was just to keep me warm because it's really cold outside.

Outfit Details:
T-shirt: Christmas gift (Similar)
Button-up: H&M (cuter and cheaper option)
Jeans: American Eagle
Booties: Nordstroms
Watch: Bora (Similar)
Earrings: PinkTown

1 comment:

mark a. said...

that is awesome! great gift and you wear it well!