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Thursday, January 2

Too Utah?

I've been so annoyed with my hair as of late. I swear I tried
to grow my bangs out for all of 2013 and they aren't doing well.
So, on Sunday I figured a really deep part might help it look like
I didn't have lame bangs that are incapable of growing.
I'm not sure if it worked...
Do you know what Utah/Idaho hair is?
Have you seen the girls who have their hair teased
like three inches above their scalp? That's Utah hair. 
I'm slightly worried that I'm rocking the Utah hair in that first photo.

I feel like I just can't win. 

Outfit Details
Undershirt: Down East (Similar)
Tank: F21-old
Vest: F21-old (Similar)
Leggings: Similar
Boots: Nordstroms
Watch: Bora (Similar)

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Marlen said...

hahah for me that teased hair is "suburb hair"- i see girls rock that at all the bars in my parents' suburb! and i think the side part did the trick to hide them. when i was growing mine out i found that you have to use product in it for it to stay out of your eyes, so i'd put wax on it and then blow dry it (like blow it out) to the side, and then it would firmly stay in place all day. or try braiding it a la Lauren Conrad :)

xo marlen

Messages on a Napkin

Chandra said...

LOL No, I do NOT know what Idaho/Utah hair is, but I'm sure it's equivalent to Bakersfield Blonde, or hairdos from Gilroy and parts of Orange County here in California. I HAVE seen girls with hair teased up really high, and all of them were around the blogosphere. And come to thin of it, most of them are Utahns! hahaha

I hope you figure out the hair situation. (I don't think you've got teased hair in the first photo.) What hair products do you use? Your hair looks naturally wavy! I love wavy hair!


Rebekah said...

Thanks for the tips! I've been pulling them back with a little poof circa 2007 and I'm just ready for them to grow out!!

mark a. said...

you know, i think you look cute! i think your hair is just fine! :)