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Thursday, February 6

Groundhog's orders

Guys, I'm super over winter. It's never been my favorite and I'm just ready for it to be gone and spring to take its place. Of course, instead of granting my wish, winter is biting back with a vengeance. We are forecasting snow here in Idaho for the next 5 days (kill me now).

 I kinda wish I had paid more attention to the groundhog on Groundhog day, but we were busy with the Super Bowl. Maybe if people had paid more attention he would have given us spring. He must be a spiteful little rodent. 

Outfit Details:
Beanie: Gift (Similar)
Blazer: Gap-thrifted (Similar)
Shirt: YogaColors
Shoes: 1813-old (Similar)


courtney killpack said...

This is such a cute outfit Becca! It looks effortless, comfortable, and warm! Thanks so much for linking up each week, that's so sweet of you to support us. Love you so much cous!

xoxo-ash said...

You may be wishing the snow would go away but at least you have a fun pop of color in that super cute scarf to keep you and the snow company. Plus take it from someone that no longer lives in the snow you do kinda miss it when it's gone ... kinda!

Jordyn said...

Love the pop of color! Great blog! newest follower from Washington!

Rebekah said...

Thanks Jordyn! I'm so glad to have you!!

Rebekah said...

Haha I'm hoping one day I'll miss it! I'm more of a good rain storm kind of girl :)