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Tuesday, February 4

Mustard is the new orange

I'm proud to say I watched a entire Superbowl. I don't think I've ever done that before. My husband is a huge Payton Manning fan, so I tried to support him by wearing Bronco's colors, except I kind of hate the color orange so mustard was the best I could do. 
I don't know a lot about football, but there is one aspect of it that drives me absolutely insane. Why in the world does everyone think a great plan is to run through the middle of the field where there are a ton of people to tackle you? Every single time I see that play (fail) I yell at the team. 
I guess it's because I'm used to soccer (the real futbol) where you only take the ball down the middle if you're a compete fool, but hey, maybe that's just me. 

Outfit details
Sweater: H&M (Similar)
Shoes: Sperry's
Necklace: old (kind of similar)

1 comment:

Monica H. said...

1. your hair looks super pretty here.
2. the outfit is really cute on you.
3. same exact football pet peeve. why would anyone think that's the best idea?!