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Wednesday, July 2

Welcome to Rebekah Anne

Things may look a little bit different since you last visited (and I'm not talking about my ever expanding belly!). I've been wanting to make a big blog change for a long time now, and I finally got up the nerve to do it!

I felt like I outgrew the name Head Over Heels a year after I started blogging, but could never come up with anything else the suited me. I think trying to come up with a baby name sent me towards a new blog name as well! I'll be real with you guys, my name is Rebekah but not Anne. 

I didn't have a middle name until I got married (when my maiden name became my middle name), but my mom used to call me Rebekah Anne when I was a kid and I always liked it. So, while it drives my husband insane that I'm using a name that's not technically mine, I really liked the sentimental feel of it and decided to go for it! Hopefully, you all like it (or at least tolerate it!) and stick around. 

I won't be chaining the URL to Rebekah Anne for a few more weeks just so that I don't lose anyone along the way! I'll keep you posted when I do make the change though!

Also, I apologize for the horrible lighting in these photos. Ants kept attacking me and I didn't want to stop and retake all the photos. If you have any good ant remedies to get rid of ants (that don't include lighting them on fire...because I probably end up accidentally burning my house down) please share because if I find them crawling up my leg one more time I might freak out a bit. 

Outfit details:
Dress: Target (old)
Vest: American Eagle (really old)
Belt: JC Penny
Booties: Nordstroms 


Haley Phillips said...

Oh no! Ants are the absolute worst. We have had them invade our kitchen. It sucks. You look beautiful in these pictures, girl! Those shoes are seriously perfect. Love the color of them :)


Rebekah said...

Thanks Haley! I love these booties, and I was so stoked to find a way to wear them in summer! Thanks for stopping by!