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Wednesday, August 6

Rain, rain...

I might be the only person to say this, but this week has had the perfect weather. It's been raining every single day and I love it. July was scorching, and seeing as I was already a pregnant mess, the heat wasn't helping. This week however, has been lovely. It's been nice and cool (and rainy) up until 1 p.m. then the sun comes out and we've been able to enjoy a nice evening that is the perfect temperature.

I was stoked that I was able to pull out this sweater and get some use out of it when I ran errands after work. It felt like the perfect momiform and I got all excited for my little man to arrive (which usually just brings on terror as my before baby to do list is still a mile long.) I can feel my style changing as I get ready to be a mom of a little boy. I feel like there will be less pencil skirts with heels and more boyfriend jeans with slip-on sneakers. Is anyone else dying over all the cute animal print sneakers this fall? Cause I might just have to indulge in a pair (if there's money after all the diapers we're going to be buying!)

Outfit details:
Sweater: F21 (old) (Similar)
Undershirt: DownEast Basics
Jeans: Old Navy
Flats: 1318 (old) (Similar)


Tiffany Opp said...

Cute and casual look! Love the hello sweatshirt, I'm jealous that it was cool enough where you live to wear it. My style did change some when I had my first boy, but at least I could still wear the pencil skirts and heels at church. :)

Rebekah Anne said...

Thanks Tiffany! I'm looking forward to getting to dress up on Sundays still! I totally just blog stalked you and LOVE that you are starting a magazine! I studied journalism in college and always dreamed of going the magazine route. I can't wait to see Fashion Opp!