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Monday, March 30


I'm trying to find the right balance in my life of being productive and getting to watch as much Gilmore Girls on Netflix as possible. And I think it's going pretty well.

Yesterday I was so on the ball I had time to take outfit pictures before we headed out to church (and we go to church at 9 a.m. so I'm especially proud of this). Then I binge watched like 5 episodes of Gilmore Girls after church, between cleaning my kitchen and going for a nice long family walk. Yesterday was pretty great.

My only mistake was forgetting to take off my Fitbit for outfit photos. All-in-all I think I came out on top.

My chambray, similar vest, similar skirt, similar boots, my fitbit


dara said...

Those pictures are stunning. That tree adds such a nice visual element to the picture (I mean tht in a good way... I don't know anything about photography but I just know it looks good). You're beautiful inside and out, Bekah. I've been missing you guys loads lately. 😊

Rebekah Anne said...

Thanks Dara! Jason took them for me over at Nature Park! I'll have to tell him he did a good job! We miss you guys too! Since we moved we don't have the security blanket of the ward and we're really missing all of our friends!