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Monday, May 18

A little bit bohemian

A little bohemian look on www.rebekahanne.com
A little bohemian look on www.rebekahanne.com
A little bohemian look on www.rebekahanne.com
A little bohemian look on www.rebekahanne.com

My typical style is classic cuts with clean lines and little bit more casual, but there is something about maxi skirts that make me feel so bohemian.

Let's be honest, that little something is really just the full length. It makes me just want to wear flowy loose clothes and put little braids in my hair.

While I love the laid back feel of the bohemian look I can't pull the full effect off. I'm much to curvy to wear all loose clothes. I have to make sure you can find my waist or I just look like a big blob. I loved this blouse because it's loose and goes with the bohemian feel but when I tuck it into my skirt I can still accentuate my waist.

Also, I'd like to note that my hair didn't look like a hot mess when I started taking these photos but I made the silly mistake of thinking one bobby pin was enough to hold my hair up. I should know better.

I'm linking up with the Creative Closet hosted by Jana and Maegan


Jana Tolman said...

I love the boho vibe from this outfit! I think your hair looks great, too! :)

Rebekah Anne said...

Haha thanks Jana! :)

Shea Sayers said...

I love that pretty maxi skirt, and you're right, that shirt adds just the right amount of polish. Just the right amount of boho I think!

Rebekah Anne said...

Aww that would have been perfect! Accessories are everything right ;)

Rebekah Anne said...

Thanks Shea! Boho is not my go-to style so I was a bit nervous!

Kileen said...

i love the slight tuck to accentuate the waist and your hair is so pretty!

cute & little

Rebekah Anne said...

Thank you so much Kileen! I'm kind of fan girling over here! I love your blog. You are great at dressing for a petite frame! I've learned so much by reading your blog!

The Modern Tulip said...

So, so pretty! You are nailing this bohemian look. Your hair is just plain gorgeous!

Sierra Oblad said...

The skirt and the soft waves in your hair definitely give a bohemian vibe! It's a great look on you!

Sierra Elizabeth