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Wednesday, May 6

Trusty Chambray

Trusty Chambray and a pop of neon on Rebekah Anne Blog
Trusty Chambray and a pop of neon on Rebekah Anne Blog
Trusty Chambray and a pop of neon on Rebekah Anne Blog
Trusty Chambray and a pop of neon on Rebekah Anne Blog

First, I want to apologize for the trash cans in the background of some of these. I couldn't pass up having this rainbow in the background and I didn't feel good about moving my neighbor's trash cans. I wish you all could have seen this rainbow though. It so incredibly vibrant like five minutes before these photos were taken. 

Anyway, I'm linking up with the Creative Closet today and the prompt is "trusty chambray," which I was so excited about.

This chambray top is my go-to item. I swear it goes with everything and if I'm stuck I can always turn to it. But I found out just how trusty it is today when I went to fix Benson's lunch and the mixed veggies   squirted all over my shirt. #MomLife. Luckily my "trusty" chambray covered the mixed veggies enough for me to still be able to take some photos. 

How do you wear chambray? Is it a closet staple for you?


Jana Tolman said...

Haha, that makes your chambray trusty indeed! Oh kids and their messes. You look great! I love the pop of pink from your flats. :)

Jana Tolman said...

Haha, at least white is bleachable, right? :)

I did make my own baby food and I loved it! I definitely plan to do the same this time around. I wrote a post about it clear back when I was doing it with Joshua–it has some of my favorite recipes. :)


Thirty Frock said...

Love those flats with that outfit!!

Rebekah Anne said...

You are a life saver! Thank you!!!

Rebekah Anne said...

Thanks! I have a hard time being all neutral ;)

Anne said...

Chambray is a go-to around here too, and I love it like this, as sort of a denim jacket substitute. So perfectly casual yet cute for a weekend.

Rebekah Anne said...

Thanks! I love a denim jacket, but I think an unbuttoned chambray is a little more laid back. Who knew that there was something more laid back than a denim jacket ;)