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Monday, June 1

Lessons in Fashion

Summer casual on Rebekah Anne
Summer casual on Rebekah Anne
Summer casual on Rebekah Anne
Summer casual on Rebekah Anne

Over the last few years of blogging I've learned a lot of things that have helped me cultivate my style and my wardrobe. I love a good "work horse" piece like this skirt.

My mom made me this skirt years ago and it never disappoints me. It has fit through various stages of life (is it a miracle fabric? I need more skirts out of this fabric!), it's perfect for dressing up or dressing down and it's the perfect length. I seriously can't get enough of it.

I'm really starting to learn to invest in pieces that will be work horses like this skirt and maybe go a little bit cheaper on trendy items that may be fun now, but won't be worth the money later.

I've learned a lot about investing in great pieces from Cori of Corilynn and Fran of Franish. Both of these ladies have killer style and aren't a hundred feet tall and 60 pounds, which is so refreshing! I love how Cori dresses for her petite frame (and her clothing line is to. die. for.) Fran has developed a wardrobe that works for her body. She doesn't buy things that don't work for her, which I love because I couldn't even count the number of things in my closet that I've tried on 100 times just to throw back on the floor because they just aren't right.

I love the fashion blogging world because of the lessons I've learned on how to create a wardrobe that I love.

Summer casual on Rebekah Anne


Franziska said...

Thank you so much for mentioning me :) I'm so glad we all have each other to inspire each other and work on ourselves.

And what a wonderful skirt - now I need to convince my mom to make me clothes ;)

Sarah said...

Cute booties! Are they from Kmart by any chance?

Rebekah Anne said...

Thanks Sarah! The booties are for sure a work horse piece! They're from Nordstrom, but I got them at like 2 years ago? It's been a while! hahaha

Rebekah Anne said...

Thanks Fran! I highly recommend mom-made skirts ;) I've been so inspired by your wardrobe rules that I'm going to try and do that so that I actually like everything in my closet!