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Monday, July 20

Jurassic World Inspired outfit

Jurassic World Inspired Outfit on www.rebekahanne.com
Jurassic World Inspired Outfit on www.rebekahanne.com
Jurassic World Inspired Outfit on www.rebekahanne.com
Jurassic World Inspired Outfit on www.rebekahanne.com
Chambray: Old Navy, Vest: Handmade (Similar), Shorts: American Eagle Boots: Rock & Candy (Similar

This weekend we went to the drive in with some of our best friends. It's seriously the best date night ever. We load up Jason's truck with all the couch cushions, blankets and pillows we have and make a semi-comfy fort in the bed of the truck. Our drive-in does a full diner/resturant thing so we always grab dinner there as well, which when you're there two hours early is absolutely perfect. 

We saw Minions and Jurassic World, both were awesome! We are big Despicable Me/Minion fans but we were a little apprehensive since Minons don't speak English and we didn't really know how the dialogue would work. But it all worked out great and we loved it!

I have never seen the Jurassic Park movies. *gasp I know* I'm not really into scary or suspenseful movies. If I'm going to commit two hours of my life to something I don't want to be stressed out the whole time, so I was a little nervous about Jurassic World, but, again, I ended up loving it. 

The entire reason I was up for Jurassic World is because I'm a huge Chris Pratt fan (although what Parks & Rec fan isn't?) And he was excellent! He only had one bad line, but I can't blame him for that. I noticed throughout the movie that I really liked his simple look. It was perfectly manly and I love me some menswear inspired looks so I figured I'd use him for some inspiration!

I think changing the utility vest for a lace one helped soften the look. I didn't want to look too park ranger meets safari guide. If I really wanted to capture the essence of the movie I should have gone with a pair of nude heels and run six miles in them, but I think combat boots would be more practical.

Have you seen Jurassic World yet? What were your thoughts?


Taylor Lanier said...

This is so cute, Rebekah! I loved Jurassic World, it was such a good movie! My boyfriend and I love the series!

Taylor Lanier said...

You definitely should! It's not quite as bad as Jurassic World. That one was probably the scariest of all of them!

Liz Cipriani said...

Love this outfit, but it is way too hot where I live to wear combat boots right now!

Laura Adney said...

My husband and I just saw Jurassic World and it was awesome!! I can't believe you made that vest yourself. So impressed!
xo, Laura @ Have Need Want

Rebekah Anne said...

I have to admit, my mom made the vest! I am in no way crafty or talented when it comes to sewing but my mom has a gift!

Rebekah Anne said...

We've had a bit of a cooler spell the last week or two so I've been able to pull them off, which has been nice, but I wouldn't mind a little more sandal weather!

Sierra Oblad said...

Such a fun idea to do a Jurassic World inspired outfit! It looks great! I love Chris Pratt too but my husband refuses to see this movie with me. He hasn't seen the Jurassic Park movies either so he's totally uninterested!

Sierra Elizabeth