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Tuesday, December 8

Two ways to wear an Ugly Christmas sweater (and still look smashing)

Ugly Christmas sweaters are just as great now as they were when your teacher wore them in the 90s! Click through to see how you can style them and still look cool.

I've had this sweater in my Christmas arsenal for four years now and it never disappoints. I've won a couple of Ugly Christmas sweater contests in this, and I give full credit to the fluffy kitty sitting under the tree.

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a special breed because you can wear them ironically or you can try to make them fit into your normal wardrobe. I prefer the second option. I'm not confident enough to rock a turtle neck, ugly sweater and mom jeans all in one look. (But, kudos to those of you who can pull that off with pride!) Instead I pair my ugly sweater with my closet staples to create a festive and functional outfit.


This is my all-time favorite way to style an ugly sweater. It's perfect for a casual party. You can still wear jeans, but the high heels and bigger jewelry keep things modern and fun. Plus, adding heels make you feel instantly glam. I would love to see this look with some really festive red or green heels just to take it to the next level.


My second look is a little more reserved, which makes it a great office party outfit. A simple pencil skirt keeps you 100% classy while the sweater lets everyone know you really are a party animal. I like to add a fun little pairing with thin black tights and cognac riding boots. It's so classic and feminine; I just love it. If you want to pull this off at the office it's best to keep the rest of your look as professional as possible.

Do you like rocking an ugly sweater around the holidays? How do you show off your Christmas spirit?

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