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Welcome to Rebekah Anne!

I'm Rebekah the wife, momma and blogger behind the screen. 

Growing up I was never really good at just one thing. I had a lot of different interests and was more of a well-rounded person. I always saw this as a disadvantage because I couldn't label myself as just one thing. I still feel like I have more than one interest, but now it's empowering me to be a better wife, mother and individual! 

I encourage women to find joy in their lives by pursuing their interests no matter how wide they span! At Rebekah Anne I cover the following topics that help women feel beautiful. 
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Relationships and Marriage
  • Parenting and Motherhood
  • Home Decor and Improvement
I believe that when you don't specialize in one area it allows you to grow and increase your talents and abilities. Women can be pretty, smart and caring; they don't have to choose just one!

Follow along with me and all my journeys as a wife, mom and woman on FacebookTwitterInstagram or drop me a line at rebekahanneblog.at.gmail.com