Market Partner Perks

First things first, as a Market Partner (MP) you will receive 30% off products. It’s an awesome discount on the most amazing products ever! On top of that, you have the potential to earn 15-40% on commissions. MPs are eligible to earn incentive trips (past trips have included the Bahamas, Nashville, DC and more!) Every MP has her own website so that your customers can order online directly from you. We also offer prizes and free products as you reach your goals. There are so many more benefits of becoming an MP, contact me to get more details!

What Monat Means to me

First of all, Monat products have changed how I feel about myself and my hair. My hair has always carried my self-confidence and after two babies I was feeling terrible about it. One use of Monat changed everything and gave me my confidence back. I’ve also loved running my own Monat business. I get to use my strengths to run a business that helps my family without taking me away from them. Monat helps me have it all. I get to be there for my kids every day and I get to connect with other women, have adult conversations and help pay the bills!


Benefits of Social Marketing

Social marketing is the wave of the future. The best part of social marketing is that you get to recommend products you love to your friends and family. I will help you do this in a completely non-spammy way! No cold-messaging and you don’t have to fill your social feed with your products to be successful. You get to decide how and when you share the products and business with people in your network.

What Makes Monat Different

My favorite thing about running a Monat business is that you don’t have to keep any inventory on hand! Monat stores and ships all the product to your customers! Monat Market Partners also enjoy amazing commissions on their sales - up to 40% - plus, bonuses! Check out the full compensation plan. Finally, the hair care products are a multi-billion dollar industry and we are the first network marketing company to enter the space, which means you aren’t competing with other women for business!