1 degree

Living in Rexburg, Idaho is an interesting experience. First, you're in the Mormon bubble, and if you see anyone in shorts or flip-flops your first thought is "sinner!" Second, the weather is terrible. Sure the sun is out and the sky looks pretty today, but it's a whopping 1 degree outside {and I was crazy enough to take pictures in a super thin shirt}. One degree. Why in the world do people even function when it's that cold outside? I want to stay in my apartment all day with a cup of cocoa, a warm blanket, and a good chick flick.

Earmuffs: Eddie Bauer Scarf: gift {Target} Vest: F21 Shirt: Down East Outfitters
Pants: American Eagle Moccasins: gift{ L.L. Bean}

While I have to suffer the bitter cold conditions, I like to try and keep my feet toasty. The featured shoes today, are in fact slippers. I love moccasins, I think they are super comfortable and oddly stylish. My brother gave me these for Christmas {I did pick them out, and he just gave me the credit card to buy them, such a great brother!}.  However they are warm, and they stay dry while I run back and forth between my apartment and Jason's.

Featured shoes: Moccasins from L.L. Bean
Wicked Good Moccasins
 {that's what they're called I'm not making it up!}

Why I love 'em: "They're so fluffy I could die". Literally. When I tried them on Christmas morning, I repeated the phrase from 'Despicable Me' "They're so fluffy!!!" {and they have a super good sole, so I can wear them outside}