Awkward and Awesome

yay Ashley!

yay me!

We're seriously posers.

It's awkward and awesome Thursday again thanks to Sydney at The Daybook. She added an awful to today's posts so I think I might add one awful thing {I like to fit in...}.


  • The above pictures, and the fact that it is near impossible to take a picture where two people are in the air at the same time. {Ashley and I have been taking awkward pictures since 2005, which is also kinda awesome}
  • Fallin asleep on Jason's couch and having his roommates come in yelling to find me asleep, and then whispering, and I'm conscious.
  • Being lazy and walking into my kitchen while still buttoning my pants, and my roommate is eating breakfast, then I awkwardly explain that I'm lazy and I'm sorry she has to live with my awkwardness. 
  • Being able to hear people using the bathroom, while I'm sitting in Jason's living room...
  • The drive home from Oregon {and the amazing weather that we had...sunshine!}
  • Jason's sister has made our wedding invitations absolutely awesome, I'm so excited for them.
  • Did I mention I found my wedding dress? Booya!!
  • Also, the bridesmaid's outfits are taken care of {that was my biggest stress}
  • I got a bridal shower gift for my friend today, it's pure awesome {her hubby to be is going to be stoked! and...I'm kinda jealous}
  • I thought it would be awesome to watch two episodes of Bones last night...until 2:30 am. I woke up with a headache, and it's been here allllllllll day. It's awful, but I definitely learned my lesson {Jason hasn't even given me a hard time because he knows I won't do it again}