Date Night

I love love love Fridays! Jason and I take a break from wedding plans, school work, stressing about finding a job {for me}, and everything else, and we go out for dinner, or put in a movie and relax. I'm especially excited for tonight because it has been a stressful week and Jason has a surprise evening planned for me. 

I decided to try and dress up a bit for {whatever} he has planned for tonight. I'm quite excited! We'll have to see how it turns out!

The story behind today's shoes makes me quite happy. Last semester I got straight A's {yay me!} so I convinced my mom that she should buy me something pretty, and shiny to reward me. We went on a trip to Famous Footwear and I found perfect new black heels. I think shoes should always be rewarded for good grades {I'll get straight A's anytime for new shoes!}

Featured Shoes: Black heels from Famous Footwear

Why I love 'em: They are so classic, and go with anything.