No offense Rexburg

Jacket: Burlington Coat Factory Sweatshirt: Vans Shirt: F21
Jeans: American Eagle Boots: Macy's
but, you're kinda ugly when the snow melts, and it still isn't green.

I miss Oregon a lot sometimes. Especially when I look out the window and realize that it's not always green where ever I go. It really is a bummer after 20 years of total green-ness.

Anywhoo...It's been forever and a half since I posted about shoes! So here are my current {possibly all time} favorite boots. 

Jason gave them to me for Valentines Day {he knows where my heart lies, obviously}.

They are beautiful! I may have gotten them the day before Valentine's Day because, I needed a pick-me-up {seriously, the boy gets me!}.

Featured Shoes: Boots {but, of course}

Why I love 'em: First of all, Jason gave them to me. Second, they are the perfect tall brown boots. They are a delicious honey/wood tone. They look great with a dress or jeans. And they just make me happy! :)
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