It's broked

I called Jason Wednesday night from work,
and the first thing he says to me is:
"I think I broke my toe."
and he did ladies and gents, he did.
I rushed home from work to find him lying on the floor with his foot propped up.

Something that you should know about me is that I don't do well with injuries, or blood.
Anything that is medical related makes me squeamish.
Jason wanted to tell me exactly how he broke it, but I couldn't really handle that.

The good thing is that we finally got some use out of the duct tape we bought back in March.
My all time favorite pattern is damask.
When we found damask duct tape at Target I was giddy. 

We were going to learn how to make wallets, and other cool stuff.

But I digress.
Jason found a better use for it.

Keeping his toe cold.
We're grateful to our friends who helped us out by telling us what to do to make it somewhat better,
keeping Jason distracted, and giving him a  blessing.

The cute thing is that he was trying to be sweet and clean the
 apartment up for me before he broke his toe.
I have such a sweet, and amazing husband.
Rebekah AnneComment