A not as cute as I planned date

There was probably one thing that Jason and I did "right" for our wedding.
Our registration cards said that "envelope sized gifts were appreciated"
since we tend to travel between Oregon, Idaho and Maryland {a lot}.
We ended up with sooo many Target gift cards, and few more gift card
to various places.
One such gift card was to go out to eat at Macaroni Grill.

On Friday I had to write a ten page paper, and spent the whole day in my pj's.
I saw the gift cards and thought to myself, "I want a reason to get dressed."
So, I asked Jason if he wanted to go out to dinner on Saturday.
He thought it was a pretty splendid idea.
On Saturday I got up, picked out a cute outfit, did my make up, and felt all pretty.
We went to the mall and got my macbook,
and then when we got home we thought it would be fun to go swimming.
So we did. 
And my make up was ruined, and my hair was all chlorine-y {yeah that's not a real word...}
And all cuteness was destroyed.
We went out to dinner anyway, and I was somewhat cute
{I threw my hair up and reapplied mascara}
but it didn't matter because it was fun to go out with the hubby
{and not spend money!}

We treated ourselves to Italian sodas.
We created our own handcrafted pastas.
We sat outside and {I} people watched.
We had a grand ole time together.

It was a good weekend.

Rebekah Anne2 Comments