Colors of the Wind

What do I have in common with Poccahontas?
We are both named Rebekah. 
Well she spells it Rebecca.
But, really it's the same name.

How did I come to learn so much about Pocahontas?
{because knowing more than what was in the Disney movie constitutes "so much"}
A quick trip down to Virginia, and the Jamestown settlement.

When we went to Williamsburg we also quickly visited Jamestown.
So, again through pictures, enjoy the original Jamestown settlement.

All my new knowledge was attained from the sign, and our amazing tour guide. 

Outside the settlement
The settlers said that the walls of the fort were just as easy to shoot into than out of the fort.

The church that is standing today was rebuilt, but the original foundation can still be seen.

I still love this!

A view of the church.
We actually attended a prayer service there.

Oh Britain.

I hope he's not getting ideas ;)

Little known fact:
Pocahontas used to go to the middle of the settlement and do naked cartwheels.
Our tour guide told us that we weren't supposed to reenact her cartwheels.


The church.

John Smith 

The site of the first landing...obviously...

Entrance to the settlement.

We may have had to stop at Sonic at the way home. 
It was delicious.