Awkward and Awesome Thrusday

Shirt: Down East Basics, Vest: Maurice's Pants: AEO, Boots: Famous Footwear, Earrings: JC Penny

By request of my sister, 
Awkward and Awesome Thursday.

  • Not being able to stop yawning while Jason was taking my pictures.
  • Feeling instantly fat after eating McDonalds, I don't remember it doing that before!
  • Having my triceps {or lack thereof} almost freeze during a soccer game last night.
  • Stepping off of the curb in the parking and lot, loosing my balance and falling down in front of a bunch of people
  • Staring people down because I'm sure that I know them, I'm just not sure how {and then being caught...}

  • Sunday dinner with our new friends {and finding out that they not only like soccer but the UFC, we're going to watch a fight next month, and I'm pretty stoked}
  • Jason telling me that if I go to Zumba I can have Taco Bell for dinner {bribery is alive and well}
  • Jason getting an excellent grade on his midterm 
  • My mom is making a package for me, and it should be here this week!
  • My sister is letting me borrow all of her scarves, while she is in Hawaii, I don't own a single one, so I can't wait for free scarves! {thanks Han!}
  • Getting to play soccer last night.
  • It's Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday, which means the weekend is basically here.