Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Shirt: F21, Pants: AEO, Boots: Macy's 


  • My face in that last picture, am I smiling or talking? I have no idea.
  • The highlight of my day yesterday was wearing my awesome turtle necklace, then I forgot to wear it in these pictures. 
  • The leaves fell yesterday, and it was beautiful and all I wanted to do was a pretty fall photoshoot, and then once I went out to take the photos, the landlord was raking them all up. sad. face.
  • Trying to invite people to the Mary Kay party I'm having tomorrow {I am so awkward when I am trying to make friends}
  • The number of people who stare at me like I'm a crazy person when I back into my driveway. Excuse me, but I live here, it's ok if I park here too. 
  • Jason and I decided what to be for Halloween!!!!! {Hint: the theme song can be found here}
  • I might have three people at my Mary Kay party {is it sad when having three possible friends makes me jubilant?} 
  • Leaves on the ground, kicking them up as I walk.
  • Wearing my turtle necklace {I'll try and post a picture so you can see the awesomeness}
  • Jason's classes were canelled today so we both got to sleep in together!
  • Our ward's Halloween party is on Saturday and we plan on winning the costume contest. Yes, we're confident.