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I have been debating for weeks what to do with my hair.
I definitely want something new,
but I'm so scared to cut it shorter, because I've been growing out for five years.

Last night after consoling with my sister, 
and Jason saying to go for it, 
I've decided to chop off a few inches.
I'm so scared!

When I was a little kid I would barely let my mom cut my bangs,
because I was scared she would start cutting the rest of my hair.
I also thought that if I got my hair cut, 
my curls would never come back.
Due to these fears, I didn't get my first real haircut until I was 12. 

I know you were dying for a quick lesson in my hair history.
I'm so excited, scared, nervous, and excited again to finally cut it!
Hopefully it happens this week, and I can show you guys!!
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