Hobo gloves: Payless

Winter is coming fast, especially here in Idaho. 
In acknowledgement of that, 
{I in no way want to sound excited}
I wanted to share with you guys my absolute favorite winter accessory. 

I call them Hobo gloves. 
{and I have no idea if there is an actual term for them}

Hobo gloves are perfect for anyone who owns a touch screen phone, 
and plans on texting, or using their phone at all while they are outside. 
I think the reasoning is obvious, but I will still explain. 
Hobo gloves have a flap that can be folded up or down depending if you want your fingers for use.
{I have started wearing them while I type, because our apartment is so cold!}

Not only are these super useful, but I would argue that they are super cute. 

What is your favorite winter accessory?

I want to give a little shout out to Font for Peas, I used one of their free fonts in my photo today! Check them out!!
Rebekah Anne2 Comments