Hey there...you...

Shirt: F21, Belt: gift, Dkirt: Dress Barn, Boots: Macy's

So...finals are over. 
Therefore I figured I should get back into blogging. 
We are also in Oregon for Christmas break!

I am loving being home!
Today we are going to go play soccer
{because it's not negative 100 degrees outside!}

Also, I have a funny story for all of you.
Yesterday I was helping my mom with a lesson 
{she teaches the girls ages 12-13 at church}
and she wanted to have a baby in the classroom to talk about the birth of Christ.
I volunteered to hold the baby, 
but I had to stand in the hall until she was ready for that part of her lesson.
Therefore, I had to explain to about 40 people that no, this wasn't my baby
and that I was just helping my mom.
It became awkward quickly.
But, dang, it was one cute baby