Boo to winter

Vest: F21, Shirt: F21, Belt: JC Penny, Pants: AE, Boots: Macy's,
chunky Necklace: Fred Meyer, thin Necklace: gift

I probably shouldn't be blogging when I'm tired and just had to 
deal with the financial aid office, but here I am.

Have I mentioned I cannot stand winter?
I hate the short days and how the sun sets before 
I can get out to enjoy it {or take pictures}.
I don't find  joy in the frozen tundra.
I hate coats. If I wanted to look like 
a marshmallow I'd dress up as one for Halloween.

I apologize for being a Negative Nelly. 
I suppose that there are some good things about winter.
hot coacoa.
the Outdoor activities people did a smores booth outside yesterday
cuddling under lots of blankets

Please tell me what you love about winter so I can survive it!!