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I have been absolutely terrible at posting this week. 
{it's midterms!!}

However, I thought I might share something a little more personal today.
For one of my classes we have to blog everyday.
My teacher made up a prompt for everyday of the semester. 
Yesterday we picked a cliche and wrote about a life experience. 
I hope you enjoy!

Last but not least.
There have been numerous times in my life where I have felt left out because everyone around me seemed to have reached a certain point in their lives before I got there.
In middle school all of my friends had braces. I wanted braces so badly, so that I would fit in with them. I don’t know of another kid on the planet who wanted braces. When I finally got them in eighth grade, I was so excited, that is until I realized they aren’t cool and couldn’t wait to get them off!
After I graduated from high school I came out to BYUI with a few girls from my ward. Where within their first semesters they met their husbands and got married. My best friend and I were supposed to room together during the spring track, but she dropped out of school to go home and get married. I thought I was never going to get married! I felt so left out.
Once you do get married you seem to see babies everywhere. My friend who got married a month before me is already expecting a little girl in April. Every blogger I follow seems to be pregnant. One of my good friends from high school already has a one-year-old.
I feel like I should catch up with all of my friends. But the cliché “last but not least” seems to fit me perfectly. I can do things in my own time, and I’ll still be important. 
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