Consciously competent

Vest: made by my mom | Shirt: H&M | Pants: JC Penny | Flats: Famous Footwear

Today I learned about the 4 levels of learning.
1. Unconsciously incompetent.
where you don't know that you are incompetent at something
2. Consciously incompetent
where you know that you are incompetent at something
3. Consciously competent
where you have to think about doing something to do it 
4. Unconsciously competent 
where you can do something without thinking about it.

I then applied this new knowledge to getting dressed.  I have two classes back to back that are on the opposite sides of campus. So on those days I have to plan my outfit accordingly. 
"Do I really want to trek across campus is wedges?"
"Will bringing a coat today mean that I sweat too much during my walk?" 
{tmi? sorry}

Today what I really did was use my college education to to problem solve my fashion issues.
That's what school is for right? Real life getting dressed every day.

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