God Bless the USA

Shirt: F21, Skirt: Ross, Belt: unknown, Boots: F21 

Happy {late} 4th of July everyone! I had a lovely day. It's been my first real day off in a loooong time. And on another honest note, it's been the the first day I've spent outside all summer {school and work don't allow for out doors time enough}. I am happily sporting my first sun burn of the year.

Jason and I attended the Independence Day Parade with our friends and Jason's sister Kaycee. I took like 600 pictures. It's kinda ridiculous. It was fun, and that is where I obtained my awesome sun burn. If you look closely You can see that I was holding up a camera all morning.

Jason BBQ'd some chicken and ribs. We ate outside and played Farkle for about two hours {I may be obsessed with that game}

Then we went to the most pitiful fireworks show known to man. I was quite sad because I had planned to take some photos of the fireworks. Luckily after the laaame show some people had sparklers and I did get a few fun shots. Perhaps I'll share them this weekend.

On a rather different and random note: Only 2 more weeks of school left, and 20 days until we move to our new apartment. I can't wait for both!

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