*DISCLAIMER: This may be incredibly boring and stupidly personal, but it was therapeutic for me; therefore, I'm going to go ahead and post it.

I'm about to get really real with all of you {sorry if it's a little too real}. I've been in a weird place lately. I got a great job last spring as many of you may know, but I had to work with someone who honestly crushed my spirits. Not only did this person hurt my feelings, but {I feel} punished me further by kicking me out of an organization that I truly loved. {Disclaimer: She may have not intentionally punished me or kicked me out, but it's how I feel.}

For the past few months I have had her voice running through my head telling me how inadequate I am. This has kept me from moving on and doing the things I love. I kept finding things about myself to hate, including the things she pointed out to me.

But, I'm done punishing myself, and I'm done listening to her.

Blogs are often a view into the best parts of a bloggers life. I've kept this part of my life hidden by not blogging. I love blogging, designing, writing, and so many other things. I'm done putting myself in a box that someone else built for me. I'm ready to come back and show you guys the happy parts of my life. 
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