Remember how...

I used to do outfit posts? Well I'm trying to get back into it {not having to do anything for 7-weeks kind of hampered my will to get dressed!}

Blazer: Thrifted, Dress: Target, Belt: stolen from another dress, Shoes:so crazy old I have no idea anymore

This week is going to be interesting for me! Jason and I are spending our first night(s) away from each other since we've been married. I know that it shouldn't be a big deal but it kinda is for me. I'm the type who hears a pen drop and thinks someone is in my house, so I'm slightly nervous to be home alone for two days. 

Also, I like to talk. And when a random thought pops into my head I usually tell Jason. I don't know who is going to listen to all my random thoughts over the next few days! {I'm accepting volunteers to listen to me if you interested ;)}

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