Thirty Days of Thanksgiving

I know I'm coming a bit late to the Thirty Days of Thanksgiving party, but I think it's a fun idea! I want to ask all of you to participate with me!

I'm going to post on my blog's Facebook and on Twitter each day from now to Nov. 30 what I'm thankful for. On Twitter I'll use the hastag #thirtydaysofthanksgiving. Go ahead and use it and link up with me!

Today I'm thankful for daylight savings. For the first time all semester I woke up on time and had time to even eat breakfast! I love that it felt like 7:45 rather than 6:45. It's lovely.

Since I'm 5 days behind here are four other things I'm thankful for.

Friends that are so kind and look out for my and my husband.

Changing hearts and minds.

Time with my husband (which has been super rare as of late)

A week's worth of yummy lunches and dinners in my fridge!

{doesn't it look yummy!}

Rebekah Anne2 Comments