Not Instagram post about Instagram

One of my new year resolutions was to take at least one photo every day. Like all new years resolutions I did great for about a week. Then it became every other day and now it's when I remember, or something cool happens to me. Well, today I realized how much I had been slacking. I got in the mood to Instagram everything I did. It was sort of reminiscent of how people used to update their Facebook status every time they blinked.

Remember that? That was annoying. But to me, somehow when you are posting photos it's way more entertaining than telling me that you are feeling blue at this exact moment and then happy 20 minutes later.

Anyway...if you like Instagram updates feel free to follow me :)

Outfit details:
Chambray: Charlotte Russe
Skirt: Made by my mom
Tights: Forever 21 circa 2008
Boots: Macy's
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