Life according to my iPhone

With all the packing going on over here I haven't been getting dressed up. 
So, here is my life over the last month or so according to my iPhone

Cheerios and bananas has become my breakfast of choice

The flower shop next door to my work gave away a free rose 
to anyone who's name started with an "R" Woohoo!

I made red velvet cupcakes from scratch for our friend's baby's first birthday.

We drive a red Pontiac Vibe like every other person in Rexburg.
This one was parked across the street from me when I got into my car.

This Oregon girls loves a good rain storm. We've had some great ones lately. 

Like I said, I love rain storms. 

I went through our cards from our wedding. My friends
Ashley and Ashlee got me the same shoe card, they must get me.

I'm a fattie.

General Conference weekend was spectacular.

This has been what I've been doing for the last two days. Packing.

Amazing cake my friend made for her daughter's first birthday. 
{Different than the one I made the cupcakes for}

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