Shabby Apple contest

I wanted to let you all in on a promotion Shabby Apple is doing. 
My friend told me about it and I think it's a fun way to get a $75 gift card to Shabby Apple and honor our wonderful mothers, who do so much for us!

Basically all you have to do is post a photo representing you and your mom 
{or if you're a mom you and your kids} on Instagram and tag Shabby Apple and add the hashtag!
{don't forget to add a killer caption}

Easy peasy right? 

Here's my entry. I haven't seen my mom since December so I had to get a little creative! 
My friends used to say my mom was like a little Barbie because she was always wearing 
pink, high heels and always had her nails painted perfectly. My mom is super cute!
My mom is 4'10" and is almost always wearing pink and a cute pair of heels. She taught me how to dress for my body and how to always look my best. She's the reason I can even call myself a fashion blogger. She's my inspiration and I hope I can be just like her when I get the chance to be a mom.

Rebekah AnneComment