Philly: more than Will Smith's hometown

Jason and I went to Philly last weekend, and we had a blast. The purpose of the trip was to watch Jason's brother participate in the Tough Mudder, which he killed! He did it in less than three hours, and the average time is four to five hours, so Go Riley!

After all of our hard work in supporting Riley we decided to try out some famous Philly Cheesesteaks.

According to Man vs. Food Pat's and Geno's have the best cheesesteaks in town and the biggest rivalry. They are across the street from each other and apparently there is a big debate as to which place is better. So, we decided to test both of them out. 

We decided that Geno's is by far better when it comes to cheesesteaks. When it comes to cheese fries we preferred Pat's. However, Genos was so incredibly good that we went back the next day to have lunch there. 

It was more like brunch since we kind of skipped out on breakfast, but it was sooo good. The only bummer was that the cheese whizz (always go cheese whizz) was a bit runny and before I could even take a bite it spilled all over my skirt. That made for a fun day of picture taking!

After brunch we made our way to the historical section of Philly. Jason and I love hitting up the historical places on the east coast. Two years ago we went to Williamsburg and Jamestown and loved it. Philidelphia was also a ton of fun! We were able to see Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed and where the Constitution was debated and signed.

It was so cool to be in the same room where George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and so many other inspired men have stood in. 

We finished out our day in Philly with a quick pit stop at the Liberty Bell. For any HIMYM fans out there, I wanted to try to lick it, but the security guard didn't look as friendly as the one Barney and Ted met. 

On the way home we stopped at Cracker Barrel for some dinner. I had never been there before so I was a little nervous, but then I saw this blackberry cobbler and knew it was going be an amazing meal. I literally cried when I ate the first bite of this cobbler. It's ok guys food moves me. 

June is our month of mini vacations. So prepared to see more photos from the beach and my little sister's wedding in Oregon!