Drive-In Movie

Heyyy guys....
I know it's been a while. Jason and I moved from Maryland (2 weeks ago...)
and we didn't have Internet until last Thursday.
It was horrible. 
I can admit that I'm highly dependent on Internet. It happens when you work in the 
social media world; it makes it a necessity. 

Anywho, this last week was a doozy trying to get settled back in to work
and dealing with the move. After the long week Jason and I needed a good relaxing date.

We went to the local drive-in. 
And it was perfect. 
Jason had never been to one, and there is one in my hometown so I was excited to 
share the experience with him. We saw Despicable Me 2 and The Way Way Back. 
We are big Despicable Me fans as you can see here, but we loved The Way Way Back. 
We also grabbed a bite to eat at the drive in. They had amazing burgers and fries.
I love old theaters. The old music, great food and just the overall feel. 
It made for a perfect Friday night.

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