Top 5 camera bag picks

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Everyday when I go to work, I drag my laptop and my DSLR camera in with me. 
I throw my camera in my purse and carry in my laptop bag along with my lunch.
It's getting to be utterly ridiculous how much crap I carry into work.
I have wanted a laptop/camera bag for a while now, but haven't
had the nerve to splurge on anything, so today I decided I'd
start taking a look at what the world wide web had to offer.

This bag is reasonably priced for being a laptop and camera bag. 
I love the classic look of it and it comes in more than just chocolate. 

I have been drooling over Epiphanie bags for over a year,
but they are so expensive that I just can't commit. 
I love the look of this bag; it just makes me happy. I was
very tempted by the London Burnt Orange bag as well. 

I love the Chevron detailing of this bag. 
It is not a laptop/camera bag but it's big enough 
that I think I could pull it off. 

Again, this bag is all about the looks for me. 
I go crazy for anything that is leather and stripes.
It's an addiction. 
This is just a camera bag, but I think I could get away
with throwing my laptop in as well. 

This is my budget pick.  It's not nearly as attractive as the 
other bags, but it's definitely within my budget. 
I don't think it's big enough for a laptop, but it is still a style I like.

Do you have a camera/laptop bag that you love? Please give me suggestions!

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