Green Apple

Last week I went to a swap meet with my friends Emily and Terra. 
The clothes weren't amazing, which is typical in a college town (everyone is broke
so they wear their clothes until they are basically ruined). But we were able 
to snag a couple of cool things. I didn't really realize how bright
this shirt was until after I took pictures. But it reminds me a big granny smith apple.
Which makes me want caramel apples.
So, yesterday I may have had a delicious apple pie caramel apple.
Made by my amazing husband because he makes the best caramel apples. 
Wanna see how many more times I can say apple in one blog post?
me either. 

Outfit details:
Jacket: Charlotte Russe
Shirt: Thrifted JCP
Jeans: American Eagle
Flats: 1318
Necklace: American Eagle 

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