Jason and I are really excited about the holidays this year
since it's the first year (since we've been dating/married) that
we're spending Christmas together and at home. 
In the spirit of the holidays, we invited a couple of our friends over 
for Thanksgiving and then my parents called this week to see
if they could come visit us. So, unintentionally we are having 11 people
over for Thanksgiving dinner, and we can sit about four people at 
our kitchen table (oops…) Last night, Jason and I were trying to come 
up with some good solutions and we came up with a pretty good idea. 
Then, I had a wonderful dream that fixed everything.
Until I woke up and realized that  it was just a dream and I didn't 
have a brand new table and massive dining room that would fit everyone. 
So...I still need to work this table thing out.  

In my second dream, I came into a lot of money, which in poor college
student talk means enough to buy a couple of things I really want. 
I dreamt of buying a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of combat 
boots that I've been waiting to go on sale.
It was fantastic, until again, I woke up and realized it was
just a dream. But don't you worry, I have some ideas on how
I can score a new pair of skinny jeans, and I'm still waiting for
a sale on the boots. 
(the husband owes me a pair of shoe for helping him get to 
30 likes on his Facebook page for his website.)

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Flannel shirt: Thrifted (Similar)
Striped Shirt: F21 (Similar
Boots: Macy's (Similar)
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