Tights transition

This was my Easter dress this year I got it from eShakti.
I absolutely loved this dress, but I had a hard time styling it
because it already had a lot going on and it was just a smidgen too short.
I was also nervous that this would be strictly a spring/summer
dress; then I realized tights can fix everything.
They can pull an outfit together and make it look totally different than
it did the last time you wore it. They help cover up a bit so that a 
dress that is just a quarter of an inch too short can be worn without
worry. And they help keep you warm when it's threatening snow all the time. 
Moral of the story: adding tights can change your world. 

Outfit details:
Dress: eShakti
Belt: JC Penny
Tights: old
Booties: Fred Meyer

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