Time travels

With my new job I'm working on east cost time, but living in mountain standard time. It's great because I'm working until 5:30 EST but, I get off at 3:30 MST. I love that I'm done with work early in 
the day, but the draw back is that I have to be "at work" (that means at my desk in my living in room) at 7 a.m. Which I'm not a huge fan of. Also, I'm constantly confused as to what time it really is. 
I have my computer set to EST so that when patients call I know what time it is for them. Then I start to think it's EST and I'm like why isn't the sun up yet it's like 9:30? or Where's Jason he was supposed
to be out of class an hour ago? Turns out his class is just starting…

It's rough being two hours ahead of  everyone around me. 

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