I should start off by saying, I know just how short I am. But, sometimes it really just hits me. The other day I was looking through blogs and I stopped and saw that this girl's tall riding boots were hitting her well below the knee. It hit me. "Oh my gosh. Those would hit me at my knee. My legs are so short."

It's moments like that that I realize just how little I am. The other day I was trying on outfits and realized that because of the length of the skirt I had to wear high high heels just so I wouldn't look stumpy. I've realized the importance of shoe shapes. I now see why it's recommended that shorties wear pointed shoes (fyi it elongates the leg). It's like after 23 years of being a shortie I'm just now understanding how to deal with it (and perhaps realizing just how short I am!).

Outfit Details:
Blazer: Ross (Similar)
Shirt: F21-old
Skirt: Dress Barn-old (Similar)
Tights: No Boundaries (Similar)
Booties: Nordstroms 

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