If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may already be aware of the reason behind my blog absence, but what you didn't see was the original announcement.

Sorry it's blurry! I was too lazy to resize!
Jason and I found out we were expecting back in January, but waited until April (right before Jason graduated) to announce it to our families. We were a little more secretive about being pregnant since we just went through a miscarriage in September (which you can read about here.)

Even after telling family and close friends we waited to announce it to the world until Saturday right after we found out the gender. 

We are so excited to be having a little boy! Jason is so stoked to be having a boy. He said he would have been happy either way, but I think there's something special for guys when they have a little boy.

We're waiting to announce the name until he's born (that way I can change my mind 100 times without anyone being the wiser!), but I'm starting to get in to all things boy! Little soccer balls are first on my list!

Other than this huge news life has been super busy! Jason graduated last month (photos and post probably on the way) and it's been stressful looking for jobs and deciding to stay in Idaho or move. Jason did accept a job here in town so we're going to suffer through one or two more Idaho winters. The good news is that we don't have to leave any of our friends!

If you are an Idaho native (particularly SE Idaho) and know of fun things to do let me know because I  need to start learning to love this place! (I miss bigger cities, but the middle of nowhere is supposed to be great too!)

Hopefully, now that I'm feeling better and have more energy you'll see more outfit posts! Sorry for the absence lately, it's just hard to feel photogenic when you've spent so much time hovering over the toilet!